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Planning for second BABY? | When & How to plan for 2nd BABY?

  What Is the Best Time to Have a Second Baby? The question of when to have a second baby can cause a dilemma among many couples. There is no right answer to this, as many factors such as health, finances, and personal preferences come into play. 1. Your Physical Health Getting pregnant means big changes taking place in your body, and those can only happen if your health is at an optimal level. Even if your first pregnancy was not too long ago, if you’ve recovered and are in good health, you can have a second baby. Wait for at least 24 months after 1 st child. 2. Your Age As women grow older, their menstrual cycle begins to change in terms of egg production. This is because women are born with a limited supply of eggs, and will eventually run out. With increasing age, the quality of the eggs also reduces, thus increasing the chances of miscarriage or genetic defects. 3. Father’s Age While planning a second child, the age of your partner is also under the scanner. Studies

Language development: Speech milestones for babies | Baby Talking Timeline: A Month-By-Month Guide to Speech Development | 0 TO 2 years

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times of your life. But it seems almost as soon as your little bundle of joy is born, you inevitably begin to ask questions like: “When will my baby say his or her first words?” “How soon will my baby say mama?” and “Exactly when will my baby begin to talk?” If you are a first-time parent and perhaps have spent limited to no time around babies or newborns, then you likely have no idea when your baby should reach this important developmental milestone. Don’t worry. As a first-time parent, there are many baby talking milestones that you have to look forward to, and they all come during specific stages of development. Eventually, at around 4 months old (for most babies, but not all), before they gain the ability to form words, babies try their best to imitate the sounds that they hear, mostly from their parents or other people around them. This is referred to as baby babble. By the end of 3 months By the end of three months, your child might: Smil

How to limit screen time for kids | How smartphones are affecting their speech and brain development

  Kids of today’s generation get exposed to technology and gadgets too soon; to be specific, even at times before they learn to speak properly. In every situation giving smartphones in the hands of toddlers and kids has become a solution that most parents adopt these days. But there are still some important questions you know about when it comes to kids and gadgets. How much screen time is good for kids? At what age parents should give phones to their children?  Parents are in habit of giving phones to their children in several situations such as when they cry, don’t eat food, get bored or a bribe for completing their homework. Such habits increase their screen time from 5 hours to 6 hours, which is not healthy for the kid’s eyes and physical health. They are exposed to gadgets at the minimum age of 2.5 years.  When toddlers get hooked on tablets and smartphones, they may unintentionally hinder their still-developing brains. The ability to focus, to concentrate, to lend attention

How to remove Stretch Marks | Home remedies & Tips for Skin Toning

    Stretch marks are the white to red lines that you might see on your abdomen, hips, thighs, or other parts of your body. Aside from the appearance, you might also notice extreme itchiness While stretch marks  can occur anywhere on the body, they tend to develop on areas where you’ve gained a lot of weight in a short amount of time. At first, new stretch marks are pink, red, or purple in color. Fresh stretch marks are also more prone to itchiness. As stretch marks heal, they can turn white.  You can prevent stretch marks  somewhat by making nutritious changes to your diet, following a proper skincare regime and maintaining these routines even after delivering your baby. Moisturizing your whole body and not just your hands and face is one of the most effective ways to prevent the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy. If one takes action early on, it is possible to reduce the formation and appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. The key to getting itchy stretch m

Co sleeping and bed sharing with your BABY

Sharing a bed with a baby is probably something that every parent has tried at some point. Who wouldn’t want to keep their bundle of joy next to them at all times? However, while sharing a bed or a room with their baby is a nightly habit for some parents, others would argue about the safety of this practice. Granted, there are some dangers when it comes to bedsharing. You may roll over the child. His/her body temperature may become too high if you are too close, arising several health problems.  Moreover, if the baby ends up tangled in the sheets, they wouldn’t be able to release themselves and breathe on their own. So you must understand the concept fully and follow the best practices. Many people around you advise that co-sleeping is dangerous. Yes, it is dangerous if the baby is not ready for bed-sharing. Co-sleeping is more common than you think. Co-sleeping can help boost a baby’s development What is Co-Sleeping or Bed Sharing? Co-sleeping is sleeping close to your baby, reg
  Why are new-age parents choose cloth diapers? It’s easy to see why cloth diapers are making a comeback. With the rising concern of toxic chemical exposure in babies and children and heightened awareness of the environment, cloth diapers make a smart, sustainable choice. But the benefits of cloth diapers don’t end there. Having a reusable supply of diapers on hand can ease anxiety. You won’t have to worry about running out of diapers—or about the stores or online subscriptions running out either. Cloth diapers are better for everyone. How To Choose The Right Cloth Diaper? Here are a few features to consider for choosing the right cloth diaper for your baby. Materials  like cotton, microfleece, and bamboo are durable, soft, and highly absorbent. These materials could be an ideal choice for baby cloth diapers, as they are easier to clean and safe for the baby’s skin too. It is better to choose a free-size cloth diaper that comes with gentle elastics. Such a diaper offers a comfortable f

Healthy & Nutritious Pregnancy Superfoods

Pregnancy Diet: Boost Your Immunity With Super Foods If you are pregnant, you need to take special care to boost your immunity with the right nutrients. Good circulation and blood flow to every tissue in the body allow the immune system to develop a strong defense against invading pathogens. Pregnancy is a period of increased metabolic demand because of changes in a woman’s physiology and the requirements of a growing fetus. Pregnancy alters the immune system. The design of a woman’s immune system is complex and it is influenced by diet, lifestyle, sleep, exercise, and stress levels.   With the excitement of a baby along the way, people often begin to buckle their belts for the nine months of caution up ahead. While everything the mother-to-be does is under scrutiny, one of the first things that need attention is the pregnant woman’s diet. It is essential to have a diet that not only suits the mother through those nauseous mornings and sleepless nights but is also healthy for the baby.