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Vaccination schedule for babies in India | Painful vs painless vaccination and their cost | What is vaccination? ! Are vaccinations really necessary?

What is vaccination? Vaccination is a process of injecting inactive disease-causing micro-organisms or any microbes which are in a weakened state. It helps in making our immune system stronger and helps in improving our immunity. How do vaccines work? When a disease-causing virus or bacteria is injected into our system, the immune system will analyze the invaded bacteria or virus and will send signals to anti-bodies for taking necessary action against the invaders. These antibodies will fight against these invaders and remove those bacteria or viruses from the human system. What happens inside our body after vaccination? After getting injected with vaccine i.e. weakened or inactive virus or bacteria. Even in their inactive state, they produce antigens to produce harm to our bodies. These antigens will then trigger the antibodies from the immune system. These antibodies from our immune system will keep multiplying to form an army to destroy these

Fruit puree recipe for babies | 8 month to 12 month baby food recipes

Fruit puree recipe for babies | 8 month to 12 month baby food recipes Homemade fruit purees should be a part of your baby's diet while starting complementary foods. They are easy to make and nutritious for infants and toddlers. These yummy foods also provide relief if your child have constipation issues. Note: Prepare fresh and feed them immediately. Do not keep the left overs in fridge and feed after sometime. Do not add sugar and any other sweeteners. 6 month babies: For 6 month old babies, apple and banana puree is more than enough.  1). Apple 2).Banana 7 month babies: For 7 month old babies, you can include muskmelon in addition to apple and banana. 1).Apple 2).Banana 3).Muskmelon 8 month babies: For 8 month old babies, you can give most of the fruits or you can give the fruits listed below. But do not feed all type of fruits and make it complicated for your baby. Only a selected 4 to 5 fruit purees are enough. 1).Apple 2).Banana 3).Mu

Newborn baby care tips | Dandruff and cradle cap in babies | DO's and DONT's

Newborn baby care tips | Dandruff and cradle cap in babies | DO's and DONT's   There are some things to check when a baby is born and every new parents will have lots of doubts and confusions going in their mind. Even I had this experience as a first time mom. New questions will arise each and everyday. So, I will share some common newborn baby care tips after birth in this post. 1). Check baby's skin tone or skin colour: Baby's skin colour will determine everything about baby's health after birth. If you find your baby skin tone is red or pin, then there is no need to panic. your newborn child is absolutely healthy. Some babies skin tone will turn into blue or purple because of less oxygen or baby is facing difficulties in breathing or not breathing properly. i.e. some breathing issues. Some babies will be born with yellow skin tone or their skin tone will turn yellow sometime after birth. This is a cause of jaundice and baby will be kept in NICU (N

Dhristi pottu for babies | Black bindi benefits | Homemade kajal and bindi

    Dhristi pottu for babies | Black bindi benefits | Homemade kajal and bindi for babies There is a traidition to put dhristi pottu or black bindi for newborn babies to avoid any negative and unwanted energies around our baby. Dhristi pottu should be there on baby everyday so that bad energy or any kind of bad vibes will not come near our babies. Some of us will also draw eyebrows with kajal. Applying kajal on their eyebrows is optional. Some will think baby's eyebrow will grow fast and will grow more darker if kajal is applied. But it is not absolutely true. Its just for removing dhristi or negative energies from our baby. Nowadays, newborn's skin and babies skin are very sensitive towards any kind of chemicals. So, we mothers should think and decide whether to use store bought kajal to use on babies. There are many ways to prepare kajal or black bindi at home. Here, I am going to share the two important bindi preparation for babies. 1). Dhristi pottu / bindi

Best formula milk for babies | Formula feeding vs Breast feeding | Baby milk powder

Best formula milk for babies | Formula feeding vs Breast feeding | Baby milk powder When it comes to infant feeding, Mother's Milk is the Best. Mothers milk has lots of benefits for both baby and mother. There is no substitute for Mother's milk. The order of choice of baby food (milk) is, 1). Mother’s Milk 2). Infant Formula 3). Animal milk (Kindly avoid for babies under 1 year).      One - Goat's milk (Lactose level is less)      Two - Cow's milk (Lactose level is high)      Note :  Buffalo milk should be completely avoided. Nowadays, it has become a trend to advertise Infant formula claiming that one brand is better than the other. Some even claim that their formula is almost same as mother's milk. But for some reasons, if you choose to give formula milk then any brand of Infant formula is fine. No need to get confused since there are so many available in the market. These Infant formula doesn't have any approvals from Food

Cloth diapering journey | Reusable cloth diapers | Pocket diapers

                My Cloth diapering journey My CD journey started when my baby was two months old. I used disposables (Pampers newborn diapers) when my baby was born. After that, I changed the diaper brand to Snuggles which is available only in online shops.It had enormous amount of positive reviews and i bought them. After using snuggles, I felt bad and I felt sorry for my baby to get stuck with this stupid snuggles diaper. I find this brand awkwardly hideous and it is not suitable for babies at all. They don't have proper sizes for a growing baby. I bought a Size 'L' diaper for my one month old baby. It was too tight for my little one.I waited so long for snuggles to run out. I didn't want to spend my husband's hard earned money on disposable diapers.Felt guilty to buy more pampers / huggies. Then, I came across Reusable Cloth Diapers while searching for diaper alternatives. Initially, I was too confused and scared