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How to prep,wash and maintain cloth diapers? Cloth diaper care & Maintenance cloth diaper wash routine

How to prep,wash and maintain cloth diapers? Cloth diaper care & Maintenance Cloth diapers will last long if followed a proper daily wash routine and deep cleaning once a month. Modern day cloth diapers are available in both synthetic fiber and natural fiber. 1). How to choose detergents for cloth diapers?      Detergents should not contain dyes,perfumes,enzymes,bleach,softeners and additives.      These may affect the elastic and waterproof material.      Do not use fabric conditioners or fabric softeners as they coat the cloth and decrease its absorbency.                                      2). Are soap nut detergents effective?       Soap nuts are extremely economical if you prefer less chemical exposure in your household. They are recommended for baby clothes but not for soiled cloth diapers. 3). What is prepping cloth diapers?       The process of getting them ready for your baby to use.      How to prep natural fi

DIY Cloth diapers | Cloth diapers for newborns | How to make cloth diaper for babies

How to make folded cloth diapers | Step by Step guide to fold cloth diapers What is a folded cloth diaper? These diapers made from flats(a rectangular piece of cloth) and prefolds (a rectangular piece of cloth having many layers in the wet zone) are extremely suitable for newborns. For infants and toddles, you can use this muslin cloth diaper during their diaper free time.  Which material is best suitable for newborns? Organic cotton muslin flats and bamboo cotton flats are very good in absorbency.  How to make a cloth diaper using muslin flats? Watch video for different types of folds and use diaper fasteners like pins, Snappi or Boingo.                        

Cloth diaper types and their reviews | Quick guide about all cloth diapers | Pros & Cons

Cloth diaper types and their reviews | Quick guide about all cloth diapers | Pros & Cons What is a cloth diaper? Cloth diapers are reusable diapers. We can wash the soiled diapers and use again. It is a best alternative for disposable diapers which are not affordable and not eco-friendly. Do you save money by using cloth diapers? Absolutely YES!!! You will save a lot of money and they are very good and comfortable for babies,Infants and Toddlers. This video will provide information related to:           1). What are the different types of cloth diapers?           2). What kind of diaper is best for your baby?           3). What kind of diaper is not suitable?           4). What are the types of materials available in cloth diapers  and which fiber is good for your baby's skin?                      

Breastfeeding after c-section delivery | Awareness for breastfeeding | Tips for first time mothers

Breastfeeding after c-section delivery | Awareness for breastfeeding | Tips for first  time mothers                           Breastfeeding is not an option, its a responsibility for every mother. I know, its very difficult to breastfeed babies during the initial stage. Babies will face difficulties in latching. They will not get enough milk and start to cry for milk. We, parents have no option other than to go for Instant Formula. So, let me share how much breastfeeding is important and how it is related to your child's immunity and intelligence.                

Super Sunday outing vlog | Pediatrician visit for check up | Meat shop tour

Here is MY FAMILY's Sunday routine vlog. My little munchkin's smile and laughter are just divine. His giggles just make my stress and tension disappear. It is true that "Motherhood" is a real blessing. Apart from all the atrocities he makes, he is a god-gifted precious little bub. I wish this moment to keep on going and never ends.                     

Vegetable puree recipes | Complementary weaning food for babies | 6 to 12 month baby foods

1. Homemade vegetable purees are essential in your baby's diet after starting complementary weaning foods.  2. They have some essential fiber and nutrients which are needed for your baby's growth. 3. Initially, vegetable purees should be made by cooking the vegetable. Do not blend raw veggies. Note: Give only selected vegetables to your baby like carrots, beetroot, potato, peas, and pumpkin. Other vegetables are not necessary as a part of their diet at such a young age. You can give those vegetables later as finger foods.                                                                                     

How to sterilize baby feeding bottles | How to clean and sterilize manual & electric breast pump accessories

What is sterilization and what does sterilize baby bottles & other baby products refer to? It is a process of disinfection. It kills bacteria and germs and provides good hygiene for your child.  The word "Sterilization" might sound huge for a first-time parent or a new parent, but it's not as tough as you think. It is an essential process to carry out if you have newborns or infants at your home.  Not only the baby products had to be sterilized, but it is also important to sanitize our hands using a hand sanitizer or sterilizer.  There are many brands available and we get confused about which one will be the best. So, I have added some of the sanitizers recommended by most Physicians, Pediatricians, and gynecologists. The product which I use for hand sanitizing is  "Sterillium" which was prescribed by my gynecologist.  I hope this would be helpful for you also. Since most of the newborns are prone to infections and allergies, it is very