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Lychee is the perfect fruit for a hot summer day

  Have your child tried Lychee? Encourage your child to eat more fruit and vegetables. If you follow healthy eating habits, your child may eventually follow your lead. Keep offering fruit and vegetables in a variety of ways, as children are more likely to eat what is familiar to them. Never assume your child dislikes a particular fruit or vegetable. The next time you offer it may be the day they decide to try it. Children’s tastes do change with age. Lychees are high in nutrition with essential vitamin C. It is a powerhouse of minerals and boosts immunity too. It is also very hydrating. Lychee is the perfect fruit for a hot summer day, as it contains 90 percent water content, thereby perfect for fighting dehydration. If your child is healthy, eats well, there is nothing to stop him from enjoying delicious lychees. As there are health benefits to the lychee fruit. DO YOU KNOW??? An important fact about Lychees: keep in mind that you should not eat or let your child eat lychees on an em

Fruit puree recipe for babies | 8 month to 12 month baby food recipes

Fruit puree recipe for babies | 8 month to 12 month baby food recipes Homemade fruit purees should be a part of your baby's diet while starting complementary foods. They are easy to make and nutritious for infants and toddlers. These yummy foods also provide relief if your child have constipation issues. Note: Prepare fresh and feed them immediately. Do not keep the left overs in fridge and feed after sometime. Do not add sugar and any other sweeteners. 6 month babies: For 6 month old babies, apple and banana puree is more than enough.  1). Apple 2).Banana 7 month babies: For 7 month old babies, you can include muskmelon in addition to apple and banana. 1).Apple 2).Banana 3).Muskmelon 8 month babies: For 8 month old babies, you can give most of the fruits or you can give the fruits listed below. But do not feed all type of fruits and make it complicated for your baby. Only a selected 4 to 5 fruit purees are enough. 1).Apple 2).Banana 3).Mu

Vegetable puree recipes | Complementary weaning food for babies | 6 to 12 month baby foods

1. Homemade vegetable purees are essential in your baby's diet after starting complementary weaning foods.  2. They have some essential fiber and nutrients which are needed for your baby's growth. 3. Initially, vegetable purees should be made by cooking the vegetable. Do not blend raw veggies. Note: Give only selected vegetables to your baby like carrots, beetroot, potato, peas, and pumpkin. Other vegetables are not necessary as a part of their diet at such a young age. You can give those vegetables later as finger foods.