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4-month Baby Growth & Development

Your baby will start showing more skills from 4th month. They roll a lot and start playing with their toys, especially the musical ones.  The most relief for every mom is that babies will have less to no colic pain or gas pain. By now, most babies will roll over and get their tummy time which ensures them to burp a lot and release their gas. Make sure to burp them after every feed even if your baby lays on his tummy most of the time. Once they roll over, the next step for them is holding their head up. Initially, babies will try a lot but take some time. Motor skills: 1. Holding things or their toys. 2. Make cooing and happy sounds /noises. 3. They love being lifted by people. Their head needs support till they are not shaky. Make sure to support the baby's head when being lifted. 4. Few babies start sucking toes which are completely normal and they will forget this habit overtime when they find a new way of entertaining themselves. 5. Teething might get started for your baby aroun

3-Month Old Baby Growth & Development

  At 3 months old , your baby may start sleeping through the night, But for few babies, sleeping through the night or sleeping for long hours will take time, Its hard, I know.  Major developments around your baby's third month: 1. Your baby will start to roll over either left or right. Few babies roll on both the sides and soon will become an expert by slowly perfecting their roll over skill. 2. Drooling can be noticed around this time. Too much drool can cause rash around their cheeks. Wipe the drools often to avoid them getting the infection or rash. 3. Head support is essential till baby's 5th month, but it is getting better and stronger neck support for your baby. 4. Your baby will start smiling more and giggles will never end. 5. Baby will try to talk more and start noticing the people around. 6.Since baby's bladder is growing everyday, the frequency of urinating will start reducing which in turn reduce the diaper changes. Make sure to change diapers every 2 to 3 hours

2-Month-Old Baby Growth & Development

Now you have crossed the toughest first four weeks and you would know so many things regarding your baby's hunger cues and nap timings. Changing their diapers is another hard part!!! Baby's eyesight will keep getting better in their 2nd month. Although, they will be able to see the things which are close to them. They will start to look at colorful toys and respond to rattles. So, get ready with few rattles, hanging toys, and Merry-Go-Round.  Hearing abilities will be better this month. They will be able to respond to sounds and noises.  Motor skills: Babies will start to move their arms and legs often. Their legs are straightening out, and kicks are getting stronger. They are now becoming more aware and playful with their hands.  They try to turn sideways and explore what is around them. It will take at least a month for them to roll over once they start turning sideways. They will make some effort to turn over and Please remember parents are not supposed to help them turn bu

1-Month-Old Baby Growth & Development

 After waiting for 9 long months, at last you had brought your precious baby home. This is not the end and it's just the beginning of your roller coaster ride. Guests, Laughter, and gifts will start filling up your home. Newborn babies will keep mom, dad, and everyone at home running around from nursing them to changing their diapers. Tips for Mother with a newborn baby: 1. Importance of Skin to Skin contact - After giving birth, when you receive your baby in your hand, skin to skin contact is very important. This will create a special bonding for both mother and baby. Babies will feel safe when skin to skin contact is given as if they are still in the mother's womb. 2. Swaddling Your Baby - Snugly wrapping your baby in a thin warm blanket is very important in order to help them feel safe and secure. 3. Burping - After every feed, it is very important to burp them. If not burped, it will create gas and babies will suffer from colic pain. 4. Bathing - Umbilical cord will mos

Best Thermometer for Infants & Todders ( Review)

1. Digital thermometer :  Specifications: Super Quick  Oral And Rectal Thermometer. Faster than a mercury thermometer Flexible Alarm Tip: The Thermometer Will Beep When It Finishes Registering The Temperature, And Will Beep More Rapidly When The Temperature Is Above Normal Range. Flexible Soft Tip Fits Naturally Under Tongue Or Under Arm.  No Hazard Compared To Broken Mercury Glass Thermometers.       Pros: This type can very well be used for infants above 1 year. Takes at least 45 to 60 seconds to get the reading which is good. Very easy to handle with children. Very flexible & gives accurate reading even if the baby keeps moving. The cost is very much affordable. Cleaning the probe after using is easy. The beep sound after taking the temperature is quite good. Cons: For Infants under 1 year, checking for temperature using this type of digital thermometer is hard. Since they don't stay still and keep moving. Can be used for kids above 3 years & adults.          Recommended

Worm infestation in babies and toddlers | How to deworm kids | How does deworming keeps our children healthy

Worms will also infest in babies under 12 months. As soon as the babies wean and start taking complementary solid or semi-solid foods, they are likely in developing worms. These worms will stay inside their stomach or gut and start absorbing all the nutrients from the baby's food.  There will not be any adequate energy for babies to grow healthy. The major issue is malnutrition in children.  Apart from this, there will be slower development in their learning and motor skills.  The presence of worms inside their stomach will also result in weight gain issues.  Babies around 1 or 2 years have to gain weight every day, but these worms will slow down their growth and weight. In some babies, there will be a loss of weight without proper nutrition intake. There are many types of worms, Roundworms Tapeworms Pinworms Hookworms Among all these, there is one in common which is called Threadworms . These worms will infest the human body faster by laying eggs and also ab

Best booster chair or feeding chair for babies | Baby booster chair review

How to choose the right booster chair or  feeding chair for your baby? A short guide and some bits of view on how to look for a reliable and sophisticated booster chair for your cherished little one. Being a mother is hard on one side and being able to choose the right baby products for your child is way harder on the other side. It took around 15 days to research on booster chairs. Initially, I thought of going to the nearby baby store and buying it. My husband said that the stores don't have many options and varieties to look for. Also, the pricing is very high. Then, I searched online and got myself into a very confusing situation on which booster chair to buy. I wanted it to be perfect for my son. I did not want to get disappointed and return it afterward. After putting so much time and effort into my research, I finally landed on this particular one which I am going to review. I bought it and my husband received the package. I asked him to open it immed

Best Mosquito Roll-On for babies and adults | How to use Mosquito repellent roll-On for babies | Is mosquito roll-on really safe and effective

Mosquito season will begin around October and that we will have to deal with them for about four to five months. we've got to safeguard both our kids and ourselves also. we have to be extra cautious and careful throughout this mosquito season. The best, natural and effective way to get rid of mosquito bites is to use a mosquito roll on. These mosquito repellants come in many ways like creams, gels, oils, wipes, patches, and roll-ons.  But, I'm about to share my review roll-ons only. It's on the market as fabric Roll-On and a Roll-On which can be applied directly over the skin. The one which can be applied over the skin is the most effective to prevent mosquito bites, but I would not recommend to use it on children. For Infants and kids, fabric Roll-On can be used. How to choose the correct mosquito Roll-On and safety tips? Always opt for the products that contain natural ingredients and check if they free from parabens, Choose the one with less range of chemica