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Is Cotton buds good or bad? | Can we use buds on Babies & Toddlers?


As a parent, We all want our child’s ear to be clean and healthy. When we take extreme good care of our babies, it might go in the wrong way too.

Yes, Earwax is sticky, gooey and has a terrible unpleasant smell and definitely we don’t want those to be present in our baby’s ear.

The first step we take to clean them is by the use of cotton swab which are now claimed to be “the Safest for babies”. But in real practice, IT IS NOT.  There are several products available on the market made specifically for cleaning the inside of your baby’s ears, many of them aren’t safe. Cotton swabs are net very essential and the most unwanted product for Infants & Children.

Many of us still happen to think that cleaning our baby ears with a cotton swab is like brushing their teeth everyday.

But Did you know that using a cotton swab on infants ear could be dangerous?

Did you know that doctors do not recommend the use of cotton buds on infants & toddlers?

Doctors have been warning people not to stick cotton swabs in their ears for decades now, but we just aren’t listening., and most of us turn to cotton buds to get that squeaky-clean feeling. ears are actually “self-cleaning,” and that inserting a cotton swab in there can do much more harm than good.

First of all, it’s important to realize that ear wax is a good thing.

Earwax is healthy and protective when present in normal amounts. Presence of certain amount of earwax offers self cleaning. Earwax in the eardrum comes outwards due to the slow and steady movement of baby’s mouth while chewing and talking. Earwax buildup in infants is rare. Usually, the ear canal makes the correct amount of earwax it needs.

 Some babies (and grownups) produce less, some produce more. Sometimes, one ear can even have more wax than the other. Too much wax build up is actually quite rare in babies. 

Most of us think that the cotton swabs helps in taking out the wax and the ear is getting cleaned. In the contrary, the swabs push some of the wax deep inside the ear while we try to take it out.

Babies don’t sit still or be idle while cleaning their ears.

They tend to move , shake their head and play a lot. So,It is highly possible for some serious injuries to occur.

Baby might get injured in the  eardrum, hearing bones or inner ear that can lead to long-term dizziness or balance problems or  hearing loss. Poking inside the ear can damage them. Worse, rupturing the eardrum can lead to permanent hearing loss to your baby. 

How to clean your baby’s ears

  • Use a cotton cloth to wipe & clean the ears.
  • Nothing should enter your baby’s ear canal. Cotton swabs or any other instrument should not be used to clean baby’s ears.
  • Also, we the parents should also stop using cotton swabs. When kids see us using it, they will want to try it too (what if they put any sticks which resemble cotton swabs while they play and when we are not around).
  • Cotton swabs are not safe to use on infants or young children.
  • Don’t try to remove earwax buildup at home. If you’re concerned about earwax buildup, see a pediatrician. They can determine if your infant’s earwax needs to be removed.

When should you worry about your baby’s ear?

 Signs of a problem include: changes in your child’s hearing, pain, fever and blood or puss oozing out of your baby’s ear. These may be an indication of an ear infection. You will first notice this when your baby irritably scratches or tugs at his ears. Consult a doctor for any concerns about your child’s hearing and ears. 



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