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1-Month-Old Baby Growth & Development

 After waiting for 9 long months, at last you had brought your precious baby home. This is not the end and it's just the beginning of your roller coaster ride. Guests, Laughter, and gifts will start filling up your home. Newborn babies will keep mom, dad, and everyone at home running around from nursing them to changing their diapers.

Tips for Mother with a newborn baby:

1. Importance of Skin to Skin contact - After giving birth, when you receive your baby in your hand, skin to skin contact is very important. This will create a special bonding for both mother and baby. Babies will feel safe when skin to skin contact is given as if they are still in the mother's womb.

2. Swaddling Your Baby - Snugly wrapping your baby in a thin warm blanket is very important in order to help them feel safe and secure.

3. Burping - After every feed, it is very important to burp them. If not burped, it will create gas and babies will suffer from colic pain.

4. Bathing - Umbilical cord will mostly fall off during their 2nd week, bath can be given once the umbilical cord falls off. Do not wait for the wound to heal. After the bath, clean the area around the baby's belly button and make sure that there is no water. Giving oil massage before bath will be best to avoid colic pain and provide good relief.

5. Use a traditional hammock for your baby. This will make sure the baby's head stays round in shape. we can also avoid the flat head problem by using our traditional hammock. 

Personally, I do not recommend tummy time at this age (during their 1st month).

Physical Development:

Baby's head might seem larger than their body. Babies head is growing a little faster and their body will catch up soon. Their body will start to lengthen and develop stronger muscles.

Baby's Vision:

During their first few weeks, babies can only identify the movement of us like shadows. At the end of their 1st month, Babies will be able to see everything in black and white. Looking at bright colors and face recognition will take a few more weeks. 

Babies will smile or cry even in their deep sleep. This is normal and not related to baby hunger (Cry for milk) or any other problems.

Baby's Feeding Schedule:

During Baby's first month, we have to feed them quite often. I nursed my baby every 45 minutes to 1 hour. Their bladder is very small and they will get hungry after urinating once or twice.

Hearing Abilities:

They will be able to hear the sounds very clearly when they complete their first month.

Points To Remember:

1. Kindly do not let your guests and visitors lift, touch, and kiss your baby. Sterilize your hands before touching your baby.

2. Kindly vaccinate your baby on time and schedule your doctor appointments accordingly. Do not miss any vaccines.

3. Avoid taking photos with a flashlight. It will affect your newborn's vision.

4. Avoid taking your baby for evening walks.

5. Our Indian families will follow some age-old methodologies such as pouring oil into baby's eyes ( To help them see better) and making babies drink the mixture of oil and breastmilk (To help them gain weight). Kindly do not follow them.

6. Avoid giving honey to your newborn baby. This will develop allergic reactions and the baby will end up with acne and rash.

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