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Best booster chair or feeding chair for babies | Baby booster chair review

How to choose the right booster chair or 

feeding chair for your baby?

A short guide and some bits of view on how to look for a reliable and sophisticated booster chair for your cherished little one. Being a mother is hard on one side and being able to choose the right baby products for your child is way harder on the other side.

It took around 15 days to research on booster chairs. Initially, I thought of going to the nearby baby store and buying it. My husband said that the stores don't have many options and varieties to look for. Also, the pricing is very high. Then, I searched online and got myself into a very confusing situation on which booster chair to buy. I wanted it to be perfect for my son. I did not want to get disappointed and return it afterward.
After putting so much time and effort into my research, I finally landed on this particular one which I am going to review. I bought it and my husband received the package. I asked him to open it immediately, praying to God that I should not get disappointed. I just saw a glimpse of it and got myself completely relaxed. The booster was so perfect and ideal for my son. I loved it. My husband loved it. My son is enjoying his mealtime and he plays with it a lot.

Let me make it easier for you with some tips and guidance. I hope that my review on this particular booster chair will be beneficial to you all.

Online shopping has both good and bad impacts on the purchases we make. 

So, Here is a list of things to keep in mind while buying a baby booster or feeding chair online :

1. Check if the entire chair is made of BPA free plastic or at least the feeding tray must be BPA free.
2. Check if the feeding tray is adjustable (If it has the options/slots to be moved front and back) and if the tray can be detached/ removed after mealtime to clean it. Do not buy if the chair has a fixed or Non-detachable tray.
3. Check if the booster chair has a height adjustment option and how much height it can be increased. This is very important since this is not a high chair.
4. You must see if they are travel-friendly and if they can be carried around easily during travel and does it require more or less space for storage.
5. Check whether the feeding chair has options to attach with dining table chairs.
6. Are cushions available or only made of plastic?
7. Check for material used in the booster chair. It should be made of hardened or strengthened plastic and steel.
8. Do not go for a multipurpose booster chair (Like swing and car seat). It doesn't serve the main purpose well.

NOTE: After getting the product in hand, check for any defect or damages.

Urban Kings booster chair review :

Positives / Pros:

1. The entire booster chair and its attachments can be folded compactly. It does not require much space to store when not being in use.
2. It is very easy to be carried around easily, therefore, making it travel-friendly and portable. It is also very light in weight.
3. The feeding tray is detachable. The tray can be removed easily after every feed or after every mealtime and can be washed. The tray is dishwasher safe and BPA free.

NOTE:  It is suggested that Antibacterial gel or Cleanser or washing liquid be used for cleaning baby products.

4. There are also height adjustment tools available which are very easy to attach and detach.
5. The plastic material used is very high in quality and sturdy.
6. The legs provided for height adjustment is made of steel and very stable when kept on the floor.
7. The booster chair is very appropriate for babies between 6 months and 3 years.
8. The maximum weight or carrying capacity of this booster chair is around 20 to 25 kgs.
9. It also has 3-way straps or harnesses attached to the seat. We can make the babies sit on the chair by buckling up the straps even without a tray in front.
10. A very soft and washable cushion has also been provided for making the baby feel more comfortable. I really love this option (Do not forget to watch the video below to know how every part is designed in the best way and safe way possible).
11. It also has a built-In cup holer facility.
12. The last but the major pro is that the booster chair does not have any sharp edges and is very safe around babies. Generally, most plastic materials will have some sharp edges which can harmful to the baby.
Negatives / Cons:

There are only two negatives that I could find after a lot of thinking. This booster chair satisfies all the facilities that we look for and here are those two negatives:

1. The cost - I purchased it for Rs.1999 and I find this price a little bit expensive. But, after using it for a while, I can see that the price is very reasonable and the product is very trustworthy.
2. The assembly manual given with it doesn't have clear instructions on how to assemble it initially. The height adjustment tools are also a bit tricky to attach during the first time. So, the manual needs to be fixed.

General Questions and Answers:

1. Can this booster chair be used for babies under 6 months?
Absolutely Not. Most of the babies will lift their heads around 4 or 5 months and making them sit on a feeding chair during this stage is very inappropriate. Babies will start to sit upright only after 5 months and it will take some time for them to be able to sit independently and without any support around them. So, it is advisable to use a feeding chair or booster chair only after 6 or 8 months.

2. Can this be attached to a dining table chair?
Yes. There are straps available separately for attaching it to the dining table chair.

3. Can this be kept on the floor and used for feeding?
Yes. This booster is more stable when kept on the floor.

4. Is it a multipurpose chair?
No. The chair can be used in two ways. One with tray during mealtime and the other is that it can be used as a normal chair without tray.

5. Does the chair move or bend when baby plays sitting on it?
No. The chair is very strong and stable on the ground. It doesn't move or bend and doesn't put our baby in danger.

Am I satisfied with this booster or feeding chair?


Yes. I have been using it for about 5 months and as I am writing this analysis, I do not have a single complaint about it. No damage or scratches on it even my son drags it around my house. It is well suited for babies and well manufactured as the safest as possible.
You can completely trust this one and I am sure that there won't be any regrets.
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