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Best Mosquito Roll-On for babies and adults | How to use Mosquito repellent roll-On for babies | Is mosquito roll-on really safe and effective

Mosquito season will begin around October and that we will have to deal with them for about four to five months. we've got to safeguard both our kids and ourselves also. we have to be extra cautious and careful throughout this mosquito season.
The best, natural and effective way to get rid of mosquito bites is to use a mosquito roll on.
These mosquito repellants come in many ways like creams, gels, oils, wipes, patches, and roll-ons. 
But, I'm about to share my review roll-ons only. It's on the market as fabric Roll-On and a Roll-On which can be applied directly over the skin.
The one which can be applied over the skin is the most effective to prevent mosquito bites, but I would not recommend to use it on children. For Infants and kids, fabric Roll-On can be used.

How to choose the correct mosquito Roll-On and safety tips?
  • Always opt for the products that contain natural ingredients and check if they free from parabens,
  • Choose the one with less range of chemicals used.
  • Avoid spray types or you can spray it in your hand, give it a delicate rub and apply them.
  • Check for the fragrance. do not purchase if the fragrance is simply too strong and heavy fragrance would possibly create uneasiness and can feel more uncomfortable. For adults, they could induce a headache.
  • Do not get if the solution is thick. The roll-on should be very thin.
  • Avoid using around eyes and hands.
The most well-liked and suitable Anti-Mosquito Roll-Ons are mentioned below:
1. Mamaearth anti-mosquito Fabric Roll-On:

I was so confused and asked my friend to refer one. She had been using Mamaearth Roll-on for her baby and once I asked, she immediately bought and sent it to me. She had tried several different brands and at last, found this lifesaver. Also, I found this quiet awing even after a single application.
  • They are DEET and free from alcohol and have zero toxic chemicals. they have a unique natural blend of ingredients like Citronella oil, eucalyptus oil, and Lemongrass oil.
  • They have been tested in QACS labs, Europe and they are made in the Himalayas.
  • It protects us from malaria, dengue fever and chikungunya both day and night effectively.
Directions to use:
  • Apply a small drop of this roll on over each of the shoulders and legs.
  • If your baby is below six months, use it on their prams and strollers.
  • After application, close and tighten the cap.
Positives or Pros:

1. They are appropriate for 6month plus babies. If your baby is below six months, then apply some drops over the baby’s cot or crib.
2. The texture and consistency are extremely good when applied to fabric or garments.
3. The fragrance is not too strong and it's not too delicate as well. it is tolerable and pleasant.
4. It has a pure natural fragrance which can positively keep the mosquito away.
5. You can expect complete protection for about four to five hours (Do not apply an excessive amount of solution thinking that it will offer protection for an extended duration).
6. The effective time is mostly for about 5 hours. it is quite good compared to other brands.
7. No sign of mosquito bites after using this Roll=On. completely keeps the mosquitoes away.
8. They are also dermatologically tested. No allergies or rashes will occur even if they come in contact with the skin.
9. Very easy to use and safe for kids.
10. Easy to carry it in a bag. No spillage from the bottle.
11. It can be reapplied after four or five hours or if needed.
12. It comes in a little pack of 8 ml which can be used for about 2 to 3 months.
13. The price is extremely cheap.
14. Easily available in stores and on-line.
15. They do not stain the garments at all.
16. It will protect us both indoors and outdoors.

Negatives or Cons:

There is just one negative concern about this roll-on. 

Reapplication after four or five hours is necessary. It will be troublesome if your kid is asleep. 
Some might feel that the quantity is less, but for this cost, the quantity is likely to be fine.

        Mamaearth Natural Insect Repellent for babies (100 ml)


2. Good knight Fabric Roll-On Personal Repellent Citrus - 8 ml
Good night Roll-On is 100% natural because it is made of plant-based ingredients. the main constituents are Citronella oil and eucalyptus oil.
These two ingredients have mosquito repellant properties.

Directions to use:
  •  Apply and rub it on both the shoulder and legs.
  •  for kids below two years apply on their cots, prams, and strollers.
Positives or Pros:
  • It can be used for both indoor and outdoor protection.
  • Protects from all types of mosquitoes.
  • Absolutely safe for babies below six months.
  • It will not give allergies even if it comes into contact with the skin by mistake.
  • Easy to carry and use.
  • This 8ml bottle can be used for about two months.
  • It gives protection for about five to six hours.
Negatives or Cons:
  • The fragrance is very strong and intolerant, even I couldn’t bear its smell.
After Bite Mosquito cream or gel:
I must definitely say about after bite cream. Nowadays, some kinds of mosquitoes can cause itchiness, soreness and even swelling in the area of the bite. So, keep an after bite cream handy.
This will help for faster healing and stop any allergies from developing after a mosquito bite.


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