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Newborn baby care tips | Dandruff and cradle cap in babies | DO's and DONT's

Newborn baby care tips | Dandruff and cradle cap in babies | DO's and DONT's  

There are some things to check when a baby is born and every new parents will have lots of doubts and confusions going in their mind. Even I had this experience as a first time mom. New questions will arise each and everyday. So, I will share some common newborn baby care tips after birth in this post.

1). Check baby's skin tone or skin colour:

Baby's skin colour will determine everything about baby's health after birth. If you find your baby skin tone is red or pin, then there is no need to panic. your newborn child is absolutely healthy.

Some babies skin tone will turn into blue or purple because of less oxygen or baby is facing difficulties in breathing or not breathing properly. i.e. some breathing issues.

Some babies will be born with yellow skin tone or their skin tone will turn yellow sometime after birth. This is a cause of jaundice and baby will be kept in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for certain amount of days. During this time, mostly babies will be fed with formula milk and not mother's milk. So, mothers please take initiative and give mother's milk to your baby by expressing or pumping. Because, mother's breast milk has the ability and tendency to cure the jaundice as fast as possible.

Sometimes, baby skin colour will turn blue because of crying too much or non-stop crying. Newborn babies will cry only due to hunger or diaper wetness.So, try feeding your baby and calm your baby down or change baby's diaper.

2). Check baby's head shape:

 Mostly in vaginal delivery, baby's head will be elongated in shape. This will become normal or baby's head will come into original shape after a few days or few weeks.So, hold your baby's head as gently as possible.

3). Dandruff, flakes and cradle cap in babies:

Some babies will have dandruff or flakes even during birth. Some babies will get dandruff sometime after birth. Since, we dont give bath or head bath till the umbilical cord falls off. Babies skin will develop some white or yellow flakes. This dandruff might develop in any body parts like scalp, eyebrows, eyelids, under arms, neck, etc...

Not all babies will get dandruff. But dandruff is the main cause for cradle cap. If the dandruff is not treated properly in the early stage. Then , it will further go to the severe stage called cradle cap. 
Give head bath with mild baby shampoo if you find any flakes on baby skin. Regular head bath and bathing everyday will be very good for babies health during their newborn period.


4). Breast swelling or Nipple swelling in babies:

Both in boy babies and girl babies, there will be some milk coming out in their nipples during their first two weeks.

Do not massage or squeeze the nipples to take out the milk as this might cause wound or infection in not time. 
Our elders have a myth saying that if we do not squeeze out the milk from their nipples, their breast will get enlarged in their adult age. This is just a myth and not proven.

5) Bathing tips:

Please check out the bath video link as there are so many things to be done to babies while bathing. Proper bathing procedure should be known by all parents. Because, this will help babies keep calm the entire day, will make their bone and muscles stronger.


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