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Dhristi pottu for babies | Black bindi benefits | Homemade kajal and bindi


Dhristi pottu for babies | Black bindi benefits | Homemade kajal and bindi for babies

There is a traidition to put dhristi pottu or black bindi for newborn babies to avoid any negative and unwanted energies around our baby. Dhristi pottu should be there on baby everyday so that bad energy or any kind of bad vibes will not come near our babies.

Some of us will also draw eyebrows with kajal. Applying kajal on their eyebrows is optional. Some will think baby's eyebrow will grow fast and will grow more darker if kajal is applied. But it is not absolutely true. Its just for removing dhristi or negative energies from our baby.

Nowadays, newborn's skin and babies skin are very sensitive towards any kind of chemicals. So, we mothers should think and decide whether to use store bought kajal to use on babies.

There are many ways to prepare kajal or black bindi at home. Here, I am going to share the two important bindi preparation for babies.

1). Dhristi pottu / bindi with Rice or Sabudhana (Javvarisi):

Step 1 :  Add half cup of rice or sabudana in a thick or heavy bottomed kadai or pot. Dry roast it till the rice or sabudhana turn into brown colour.

Step 2 : Now fire a matchstick and put it inside the kadai or pot, the rice or sabudhana will start burning. Take the matchstick out now. The rice or sabudhana will start rising up growing into a lava-like appearance.

Step 3 : Add half cup of water into the mixture and start stirring it. So that, the rice or sabudhana will melt. Keep stirring until it gets somewhat thick (Refer video for the right thickness).

Step 4 : Filter the mixture made and transfer it into a coconut shell. Coconut shell is the perfect option to store and use dhristi pottu. 

Step 5 : Now, dry it in sunlight for about 3 days and start using it.

You have to add a drop of water into the coconut shell and keep stroking it with your finger. You can take the bindi with your finger and apply on baby's forehead and cheek.

2). Dhristi pottu with Vasambu : 

Vasambu is very good on baby skin. The reason behind to make bindi for babies is because vasambu has a very unique smell which make the insects or any kind of bugs to stay away from our babies.

It has a cooling effect and many benefits on baby skin. 

Step 1 : Roast one end of vasambu in fire and let it turn black.

Step 2 : Add half tsp of milk in an "Agal Vilakku" and keep stroking the vasambu in milk till the milk turns black.

Step 3 : Once the milk turns black, you can swipe it with your finger and use it. If you want more thickness, then give more stroking with vasambu against milk


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