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Best formula milk for babies | Formula feeding vs Breast feeding | Baby milk powder

Best formula milk for babies | Formula feeding vs Breast feeding | Baby milk powder

When it comes to infant feeding, Mother's Milk is the Best. Mothers milk has lots of benefits for both baby and mother. There is no substitute for Mother's milk.

The order of choice of baby food (milk) is,

1). Mother’s Milk
2). Infant Formula
3). Animal milk (Kindly avoid for babies under 1 year).
     One - Goat's milk (Lactose level is less)
     Two - Cow's milk (Lactose level is high)
     Note :  Buffalo milk should be completely avoided.

Nowadays, it has become a trend to advertise Infant formula claiming that one brand is better than the other. Some even claim that their formula is almost same as mother's milk. But for some reasons, if you choose to give formula milk then any brand of Infant formula is fine. No need to get confused since there are so many available in the market.

These Infant formula doesn't have any approvals from Food and Drug Administration. But, they regularly check the product have sufficient nutritional requirements which are needed for babies.

Things to keep in mind while buying formula:

1. Baby birth -  Preterm or Full term

Preterm or premature babies should be given specially formulated formula because their nutritional requirements are higher.

2. AGE

Stage 1 should be given for 0 to 6 month babies.
Stage 2 should be given for 6 to 12 month babies.
Stage 3 should be given for 12 month + babies.
Stage 1 should not be given to a toddler and Stage 3 should not be given to a newborn since their intake of energy is less compared to a toddler.

3. Iron Fortified

Check if the formula is Iron fortified or contains Iron. A growing baby definitely need a sufficient amount of iron daily.

4. DHA / ARA:

 Check for these fatty acids DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and ARA (Arachidonic acid). These fatty acids are naturally available in mother's breast milk and they are very important for a baby's brain and eye development.

5. Probiotic and Prebiotic:

Probiotic bacteria is very essential for a growing baby. These bacteria will reside in the baby's gut and  help in breaking down the food particles. They keep your baby's stomach from the growth of worms and bugs. This probiotic infant formula is the best option if your baby is having digestive issues and diarrhea issues.
Prebiotics on the other hand will help in stimulating and supporting probiotic growth in babies. If you are taking up both breastfeeding and formula feeding for your child then there is no need to go for probiotic infant formula because breast milk contains both DHA and ARA which are very much sufficient.

6. Allergies :

Parents must check if their baby has any kind of allergies on cow milk based infant formula, if cow milk based infant formula is giving allergies then please consult you pediatrician. You baby's doctor might suggest an infant formula which is suitable for your baby.

Many of us will think that changing the infant formula milk will make our baby gain weight if they are under weight or they are not looking chubby enough. It is absolutely wrong and do not experiment these infant formula on babies. Do not choose a particular formula milk if your friends and relatives suggested it to make your baby gain weight. You will get lot of different opinion over different brands of formula. But the truth is, not all the babies are same and not every baby have same appetite and every baby have different metabolism rate.

Each baby have their individuality and some babies will gain weight rapidly leading to  obesity at such a young age. So, do not try to change formula powder to make your baby gain weight. This might lead to obesity and other problems in their later age.

Different Types Of  Formula Milk For Babies:

1. Cow’s Milk Based Formula.

2. Soy-Based Formula.

3. Lactose-Free Formula.

4. Extensively Hydrolyzed Formula.

5. Metabolic Formula.

Breastfeeding helps both mother and child to be healthy.
Benefits for mother:
1.Night feeds are very easy.No need to sterilizes bottles.No need to spend money to buy formula.
2. It lowers risk of breast cancer,ovarian cancer,Cysts in the ovary and other common problems in women.
3. Helps losing weight.
4. Uterus will return to its original size very fast in breastfeeding mothers.

Benefits for the child:
1. Baby will get natural food and not some processed food. 
2. It Protects baby against allergies, diarrhea, ear infections.
4. Healthy developed brain and increase in IQ level.
5. Reduce risk of heart disease, cancer,diabetes in their later age.

If you are choosing formula feeding, then any kind of Infant Formula is good.


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